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Reduce monthly marketing and business spend

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Is Your Law Firm Struggling to Grow?

The legal sector in the United Kingdom is a competitive market and law firms are having to do more than ever to generate new business.

But…You knew that already. You’ve probably already invested in business development and marketing with mixed results.

Damian Reed

Damian Reed - senior Marketing Manager

Many independant law firms face significant hurdles in their marketing efforts. Often, this is attributed to the absence of a dedicated marketing professional or the limited time available to make substantial impact on their outreach efforts.

Victoria Browning - Chief Operating Officer

Law firms are grappling with escalating overhead costs, leading to dwindling profits. Negotiating competitive rates with suppliers proves challenging for individual firms, exacerbating the strain on their financial resources.

Our Process Focuses on 4 Key Elements

Unlike most agencies that provide marketing for law firms across the UK, we are different. We provide qualified enquiries, we enhance your online presence, we help you develop your firm, and we reduce your monthly spend.


Collaborate with our marketing team to expand your client base using targeted SEO, PPC campaigns, and engaging content strategies that resonate with legal audiences.

Power of Many

Benefit from exclusive rates with our extensive supplier network, leveraging our partnerships with over 40 successful law firms to maximise your budget and reach.

Process & Procedures

Receive qualified enquiries managed by our team, supported by processes and reliable suppliers, ensuring sustained growth and client retention.


Boost operational efficiency by fostering employee engagement, and strategic recruitment practices, optimising your firm’s performance and reputation.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

Unlike most agencies that provide marketing for law firms, we are different. We provide qualified enquiries, we enhance your online presence, we help you develop your firm, and we reduce your monthly spend.

Are You Ready to Start Growing Your Firm?

Schedule a Call

A deep dive into understanding your firm and your needs, looking at past efforts to grow and your goals moving forward.

Receive a Growth Roadmap

A roadmap showing you everything you need to do to start growing your firm, including investment amount and timeline to results.

Start Growing Your Firm

If you accept our roadmap, we'll start building your campaigns and introducing your to our network of suppliers.

Work With Us

Monthly Membership Starting At
£ 2,000 Monthly
  • Qualified enquiries
  • Full marketing support
  • Join a network of more than 40 firms
  • Access to negotiated supplier rates
  • ROI tracking and reporting

Not Ready for a Full Membership?

While our four key elements have a proven track record of aiding law firms in growth and reducing overheads, we understand that a full membership entails commitment. That’s why we’ve introduced QS Aspire, where you can leverage the Power of Many for a low monthly payment.

Here's How We'll Grow Your Firm

Unlike most agencies that provide marketing for law firms, we are different. We provide qualified enquiries, we enhance your online presence, we help you develop your firm, and we reduce your monthly spend.

Why Work With Us

Simply put, there’s no other company that provides such a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your law firm. 

Industry Experts

With over 16 years of industry experience, we specialise exclusively in the UK legal sector, making us experts in this field.

Commitment to Value

Every action we take is aimed at delivering tangible value to our member firms, whether through service enhancements or new supplier partnerships.

Open Communication

We prioritise open dialogue and never charge for meetings or consultations; our team engages with you based on your preferred level of interaction.

Leave it to Us

Allow us to manage your marketing strategies and drive business development initiatives, freeing up your staff to excel in their core strengths and responsibilities.


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