Meet our team, a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to helping law firms grow through diverse expertise and collaborative efforts, ensuring success with innovative solutions and a shared commitment to excellence.

Richard Skelley


Richard Skelley, a seasoned executive with banking and professional service expertise from NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Santander, joins us as CEO, bringing invaluable experience in law firm growth and success.

Victoria Browning


Victoria Browning, overseeing QS services for our Member Firm Network, fosters innovation and supports a forward-thinking approach to keep QS and our Network at the forefront of modern legal services.

Paul Rawson

Paul Rawson

Marketing Director

Paul Rawson, Marketing Director excels in defining marketing strategies, transforming sales and marketing relationships, mentoring teams, and sharing expertise, boasting a proven track record across various sectors.

Nicola Lee

Client Relationship Manager

Nicola Lee, an accomplished account manager with a diverse background, excels in customer-focused roles, exceptional interpersonal skills, a track record and proven ability to build fruitful relationships at all levels across businesses.

Damian Reed

Damian Reed

Senior Marketing Manager

Damian Reed, overseeing the marketing department, brings diverse experience across from various sectors, refining operational workflows, developing teams, and lending expertise to all aspects of marketing functions.

Scott Younger

Marketing Account Manager

Scott Younger, a creative and diligent English graduate with 5 years of experience in content marketing, copywriting, and digital marketing, delivers his skills to craft impactful and engaging content tailored for our network of law firms.

Luke Medler

Senior Graphic Designer

Luke Medler, with 15 years of diverse design experience spanning print and digital projects. Responsible for all artwork for member firms and the branding of QualitySolicitors for both QS business 2 business and business 2 customer.

Lois Olaleye

Marketing Account Manager

Lois Olaleye, adept at developing and executing successful strategies across digital platforms, excels in maximizing law firms' online reach through innovative solutions, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

Nida Saleem

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nida Saleem, with diverse experience across various industries, specialises in website development, on and off-page search engine optimisation, and the creation, execution, and refinement of paid advertising campaigns.

Natasha Manton

Client Service Advisor

Natasha Manton, leveraging extensive customer-facing expertise from the Hospitality sector, transitioned seamlessly into marketing with QualitySolicitors. Supported by ongoing studies and invaluable experience, she thrives in dynamic environments.

Jenny Smith

Client Service Advisor

Jenny Smith is a key member of the Client Service Advisors team, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering excellent customer service. She excels in assisting clients with initial enquiries and holds the distinction of being one of the longest-serving members of the team.

Lori Hughes

Client Service Advisor

Lori Hughes, with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience in the legal sector, excels in sales, lead generation, website customisation, system integration, and customer media design. Her expertise spans strategic sales initiatives and innovative marketing solutions tailored to legal industry needs.

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