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Is Your Law Firm Struggling to Recruit?

In an industry as competitive as the legal sector, law firms are always on the lookout for top-tier talent to drive their growth and success.

But, you’re probably no stranger to this journey. Despite investing in recruitment efforts, finding the perfect fit for your firm may have presented its fair share of challenges and mixed outcomes.

Richard Skelley - Chief Executive Officer

Law firms grapple with numerous obstacles in recruitment. Whether it's the absence of specialized recruitment expertise or the relentless time constraints impeding effective outreach, navigating these challenges is pivotal for firms striving to secure top-tier talent.

Victoria Browning - Chief Operating Officer

Firms are confronted with mounting operational pressures. Balancing escalating overhead costs while ensuring competitive compensation for top talent presents a unique challenge.

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5 Benefits of using EVOLVE for your Recruitment

Unlike most agencies that provide marketing for law firms, we are different. We provide qualified enquiries, we enhance your online presence, we help you develop your firm, and we reduce your monthly spend.


EVOLVE represents and recruits exclusively for QualitySolicitors members. Our team will only present job opportunities to candidates within the QualitySolicitors network, ensuring that your firm receives exclusive representation without any conflicts of interest.


Our dedicated recruitment team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience for both candidates and hiring managers. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your firm, and we will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process.


We’ll help you build talent pools and increase your firm’s visibility in the market. Even if candidates are not actively seeking new opportunities, we’ll keep them informed of positive developments at your firm. This way, when they do decide to job search, your firm will be top of mind.

Cost Effective

We understand the financial constraints that firms face, which is why we offer a special 15% recruitment fee for the final salary package. This fee is significantly lower than the typical 20-30% charged by other external recruitment agencies, allowing you to reduce your hiring costs without compromising on quality.


EVOLVE offers a range of recruitment services, including candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and placement. Whether you’re looking for permanent staff, temporary hires, or contract professionals, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

Unlike most agencies that provide marketing for law firms, we are different. We provide qualified enquiries, we enhance your online presence, we help you develop your firm, and we reduce your monthly spend.

Are You Ready to Start Growing Your Firm?

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Not Ready for a Full Membership?

While our four key elements have a proven track record of aiding law firms in growth and reducing overheads, we understand that a full membership entails commitment. That’s why we’ve introduced QS Aspire, where you can leverage the Power of Many for a low monthly payment.

Why Work With Us

Simply put, there’s no other company that provides such a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your law firm.¬†

Industry Experts

With over 16 years of industry experience, we specialise exclusively in the legal sector, making us experts in this field.

Commitment to Value

Every action we take is aimed at delivering tangible value to our member firms, whether through service enhancements or new supplier partnerships.

Open Communication

We prioritise open dialogue and never charge for meetings or consultations; our team engages with you based on your preferred level of interaction.

Leave it to Us

Allow us to manage your marketing strategies and drive business development initiatives, freeing up your staff to excel in their core strengths and responsibilities.

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