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Are you a high street law firm looking to amplify your success without breaking the bank?

Welcome to QS Aspire – the essential toolkit for high street law firms seeking to elevate their success while keeping costs in check. QS Aspire offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to empower firms like yours.

ideal for high street firms seeking more

cost savings

Benefit from our strategic partnerships with leading industry suppliers, negotiated rates, savings, and discounts that would be challenging to replicate individually. Leveraging the size of the QS network, we continuously arrange new partnerships as our number of firms grows, ensuring you access exclusive economic benefits that optimise your expenditure without compromising quality.

thought leadership

Tap into a diverse pool of expertise within the QS network. Gain access to innovative insights and informed decision-making to propel your firm forward, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of industry leaders. Stay ahead of the curve with thought leadership that drives success, including webinars, podcasts, and expert insights.

utilise research

Leverage extensive resources and data to make informed decisions and stay ahead of emerging trends. Stay informed, stay competitive, and position your firm for success by utilising the latest research and insights available. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Cultivate meaningful connections and collaborations within the QS community. Exchange knowledge, support, and seize growth opportunities together, expanding your network and fostering valuable relationships within the legal industry. Attend our national annual conference to further enhance your networking opportunities and gain valuable insights into industry trends.

qs academy access

Enhance your skills QS Academy. Access foundation level training covering webinars and training from QS head office, ensuring continuous professional development for you and your team. Additional development training from GroGroup, finance training from Armstrong Watson, and compliance training from Teal Compliance are available at an extra cost. Stay ahead of the curve and invest in the growth of your firm.


Our specialised legal recruitment service provides exclusive representation, a dedicated team, and tailored cost-effective solutions to meet your firm’s needs. Enjoy the advantage of a special 15% recruitment fee, while we assist you in building talent pools and boosting your firm’s visibility with compelling employer branding. Simplify your recruitment process with dedicated services designed to find the right talent efficiently and effectively for your firm.

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