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Reduce monthly marketing and business spend

Increase inbound calls and qualified leads

Increase marketing return on investment

Are you fed up with leads that don't go anywhere?

There are many marketing agencies that claim to generate you leads, but in reality, these leads are simply enquiries.

You probably already know that there’s a place for PPC and email marketing, but you want actual leads, qualified leads.

Damian Reed

Damian Reed - senior Marketing Manager

Many marketing agencies offer numbers that can't simply be met. This is especially the case with agencies with little to no experience in the legal sector.

Victoria Browning - Chief Operating Officer

Law firms need to be more robust in their expenditure and relying on one source of enquiries is a risk not worth taking.

4 Reasons why our Leads are Different

The QualitySolicitors website and call centre are essential tools that empower our member firms with a consistent stream of qualified enquiries, enhanced online visibility, and dedicated support to excel in the competitive legal landscape.

1 Million Visitors

Our website serves as a comprehensive legal hub, attracting over 1 million visitors annually. This substantial traffic ensures significant exposure and potential client leads for our member firms.

High Ranking

We’ve diligently optimised our website to rank prominently for a wide range of legal services, facilitating easier discovery for potential clients seeking legal assistance.

Qualified Leads

Our dedicated UK-based call centre features professionals trained to handle initial enquiries and qualify leads. This ensures that member firms receive only vetted, high-potential leads likely to convert into clients.

600 Enquiries a Month

Our efficient call centre processes over 600 qualified leads monthly for our network, providing a consistent flow of potential clients to member firms.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

Unlike most agencies that provide marketing for law firms, we are different. We provide qualified enquiries, we enhance your online presence, we help you develop your firm, and we reduce your monthly spend.


How to Get Leads from our Website

Three reasons why firms love having their law firm on QualitySolcicitors.


While our member firms may not carry the QualitySolicitors name, they benefit from our nationally recognised brand and the extensive traffic to our website.


Member firms can choose a dedicated sub-domain for a comprehensive website or opt for a tailored landing page. This flexibility allows firms to align their online presence with specific needs.


Regardless of the chosen option, member firms enjoy increased online visibility, leading to more client Enquiries and business opportunities.

Are You Ready to Start Growing Your Firm?

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  • Full marketing support
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  • Access to negotiated supplier rates
  • ROI tracking and reporting

Not Ready for a Full Membership?

We understand that a full membership entails commitment. That’s why we’ve introduced QS Aspire, where you can leverage the Power of Many for a low monthly payment.

Regular Leads VS Qualified Leads

What is a Regular Lead?

A lead in the context of legal services refers to any potential client or prospect who demonstrates interest in obtaining legal assistance.

This interest can be indicated through various actions, such as visiting a law firm’s website, filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter, or engaging with social media content related to legal topics.

Leads represent the initial stage of potential client acquisition and are individuals or businesses seeking information or solutions related to their legal needs.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is a prospect that has been thoroughly assessed and identified as highly likely to convert into a paying client based on specific criteria.

Unlike a general lead, a qualified lead undergoes a vetting process to determine their level of readiness and suitability for engaging legal services.

The prospect demonstrates a genuine intent to proceed with legal assistance, such as requesting consultations, asking detailed questions about services, or expressing urgency in resolving their legal issues.

Tailored Lead Management

Our dedicated first contact team ensures that member firms have full control over the types of leads they receive. This means that firms can specify the types of cases they are interested in, ensuring that they receive leads that align with their expertise and practice areas.

Each month, our call centre delivers an average of 67 highly qualified leads to member firms, maximising the potential for client acquisition and business growth.

Natasha Manton

Client Service Advisor

Jenny Smith

Client Service Advisor

Lori Hughes

Client Service Advisor


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