How to Get More Conveyancing Leads: Strategies for Law Firms

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In the highly competitive legal landscape, law firms must continuously seek effective strategies to attract and convert conveyancing leads. This article explores comprehensive methods to not only draw in potential clients but also to ensure they choose your firm for their conveyancing needs. From understanding search behaviours to leveraging reviews and managing online presence, the following insights aim to help law firms optimise their lead generation and conversion processes.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Search Behaviours: Potential clients use a variety of search terms when looking for conveyancing services. Tailoring your website content to these search terms improves visibility and attracts a broader audience.
  • Optimise for Local SEO: Ensure your law firm appears in local search results by optimising your Google My Business profile and managing online reviews. Positive reviews and high ratings increase your firm’s credibility and visibility.
  • Leverage PPC Advertising: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads can effectively place your firm in front of potential clients. Proper management by an experienced marketer is essential to ensure these ads convert clicks into leads.
  • Consider Paid Leads Carefully: While paying for leads can supplement your lead generation efforts, it’s important to be aware of the competitive nature and price sensitivity of clients obtained through these sources.
  • Nurture Current and Previous Clients: Providing exceptional service and keeping clients engaged through newsletters and personalised communication can lead to repeat business and referrals.
  • Use Online Quoting Tools: Implementing an online quoting tool on your website allows potential clients to get quick estimates and provides your firm with their contact details for follow-up, enhancing conversion rates.
  • Follow Up Personally: A courtesy follow-up call after an online quote request can build trust and position your firm as approachable and dedicated, further increasing the likelihood of converting leads into clients.

Understanding What People Are Searching For

Search Behaviours and Keywords

When individuals seek conveyancing services, they use a variety of search terms. While “conveyancing solicitor” is a common query, many potential clients use more specific or broader terms, such as “buying a house solicitor,” “selling a house solicitor,” or “property solicitor.” Additionally, search phrases like “best solicitor near me” or “solicitor in [location]” are frequent, indicating a preference for local services. Interestingly, a significant number of searches are informational, with people asking, “Do I need a solicitor to buy/sell a house?”

Tailoring Content to Search Terms

To attract these varied search queries, your website must feature content that addresses each of these terms. Google’s sophisticated algorithms can link relevant content to these searches, so having well-written, informative, and easy-to-navigate content is crucial. This not only helps in ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) but also ensures that your site is perceived as a valuable resource by users. Engaging a professional writer to develop this content ensures it is optimized for search engines and provides value to visitors. Additionally, focusing on high quality conveyancing can attract potential clients by providing validated, detailed, and quickly delivered leads.

Local SEO Optimisation Conveyancing leads

For searches focused on local services, ensuring your law firm appears in local search results is vital. This includes optimising your Google My Business profile and gathering positive reviews. A robust review management process is essential; actively request satisfied clients to leave reviews on Google and other platforms. Higher ratings and positive reviews significantly boost your firm’s visibility and credibility, increasing the chances of being discovered by potential clients searching for conveyancing services in your area.

Leveraging Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Benefits and Challenges

PPC advertising, including Google search ads and Facebook ads, can effectively place your firm in front of potential clients. However, it requires expertise to manage effectively. Ads must be well-crafted, targeted appropriately, and monitored continuously to ensure optimal spending and performance.

Conversion Rates and Management

While PPC ads can drive traffic to your website, the conversion rate may be low if not managed correctly. It’s essential to have an experienced marketer handle your PPC campaigns, ensuring that the ads are not only seen by the right audience but also compelling enough to convert clicks into leads.

Paid Leads and Lead Generation: Pros and Cons

Competitive Landscape

Paying for leads through conveyancing quote sites is another avenue to consider. However, this market is highly competitive, with many firms vying for the same leads. Partner firms have achieved high conversion rates for different types of leads, such as direct website leads, purchased online comparison leads, and introducer leads (e.g. estate agents), successfully converting these leads into instructions. These leads often come from clients who prioritize cost over service quality, which can be challenging for firms that emphasise a premium, personalised service.

Timing and Quality of Leads

Most enquiries from paid lead sources occur over the weekend, and clients tend to be price-sensitive. Thus, while paid leads can supplement your lead generation efforts, they should not be the sole strategy. A balanced approach, combining paid leads with organic and direct marketing efforts, is more effective. High quality conveyancing leads are crucial for ensuring quick and effective client contact, enabling solicitors to win business efficiently.

Nurturing Current and Previous Clients

Exceptional Service and Ongoing Engagement

Providing outstanding service is fundamental to client retention and word-of-mouth referrals. Beyond the initial transaction, keep clients engaged through newsletters and updates about your firm. Share informative articles, exclusive offers, and news about your services to remain top-of-mind when they or their acquaintances need legal assistance again. Larger firms can offer a variety of legal services, enhancing client satisfaction.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Establishing long-term relationships with clients is crucial for acquiring new clients. Personalised communication, such as sending a follow-up email after the completion of their conveyancing process or offering free legal advice on related matters, can reinforce their loyalty to your firm. Happy clients are more likely to refer your services to others, creating a network of potential leads.

Converting New Clients Online

Online Quoting Tools

In today’s digital age, providing an online quoting tool can significantly enhance lead conversion rates. This tool allows potential clients to get an estimate quickly, making it easier for them to make a decision. Collecting their contact details during this process allows your team to follow up promptly, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Personalised Follow-Up

A courtesy follow-up call after a client uses your online quoting tool can make a significant difference. Offering additional resources, such as a conveyancing guide for first-time movers, helps build trust and positions your firm as knowledgeable and helpful. Personal interactions reinforce the idea that your firm is approachable and dedicated to providing excellent service.


Strategic Content Creation

To attract more conveyancing leads, law firms must strategically create content that aligns with the diverse search behaviours of potential clients. Engaging professional writers to develop this content ensures it is both SEO-friendly and valuable to users.

Emphasising Local Presence and Reviews

Optimising for local searches and maintaining a strong review management process are crucial for visibility and credibility. Positive reviews and high ratings can significantly influence potential clients’ decisions.

Effective Use of PPC and Paid Leads

While PPC advertising and paid leads can supplement lead generation efforts, they require expertise to manage effectively. Balancing these strategies with organic and direct marketing efforts ensures a more comprehensive approach.

Nurturing Relationships and Providing Value

Exceptional service and ongoing engagement with current and previous clients are essential for building long-term relationships and generating referrals. Utilising online tools and personalised follow-ups can enhance lead conversion rates, ensuring your firm remains competitive in the conveyancing market. Providing comprehensive legal services is crucial to maintaining these client relationships.

By implementing these strategies, law firms can not only attract more conveyancing leads but also convert them into satisfied clients, ultimately driving growth and success in a competitive industry.

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