Unlocking the Potential of Employer Branding: A Guide for Legal Professionals

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Demystify the concept of Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and recognise its critical role in employer branding for attracting and retaining top legal talent. This blog explores the key components of an EVP, delving into how law firms can craft a compelling proposition that extends beyond salary, emphasising the importance of fostering a positive workplace culture and providing professional growth opportunities to enhance their employer brand.

Demystifying Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

An employer value proposition (EVP) refers to your firm’s core benefits that make up your wider employer brand. Think of it as a promise between an employer and an applicant, who might become a future employee. What can your firm and culture offer them in exchange for their talent, skills, and experience? An EVP is where you can build the case for why top talent should choose your firm.

Starting with your current employees is always the best and strongest way to build an EVP for the long term. Ask them the three questions to build and understanding of the current state of play.

  1. Why do existing employees think the company is unique?
  2. What do they value most about working there?
  3. Why do they stay?

How do you go about building an EVP?

To develop a strong, realistic EVP, you must first understand what perceptions your existing staff and potential employees have about your company brand and culture.
This information can be gathered through employee surveys, focus groups and exit interviews, as well as through feedback from former employees and job applicants.

The output of this is to:

  • To create a consensus amongst all parties responsible for delivering the brand message.
  • To define the organisation’s core values and strengths.
  • Use the stakeholder’s combined knowledge, experience and creativity to generate new marketing/communication ideas – how to take the story to more people

There are a number of practical elements that make up a modern EVP. These are things that your current staff think about, and what your potential new hires will want to hear about – what you offer in each area and how that is different to what another firm might offer them.

Compensation & benefits, career development, performance review, learning & development, culture, mobility, management behaviour, internal communications, leadership, vision & values, working environment and flexible working.  

Each one of them important to the mix of your own unique EVP. The mix is defined by what you can offer (realistically) and what your people (today and tomorrow) define what they want to see. If they don’t see it, you will find people leaving and find it hard to replace them.

Once you have defined your EVP you can build your employer brand and your employer branding.

Understanding Employer Branding

It means the process of telling your unique story to prospective employees, so that they choose you over another organisation.

It can take the form of blogs, videos, interviews, FAQs amongst other tools – a story told by your current people to attract new people into your firm.

Key Benefits of Proactive Employer Branding

  1. Branding works 24/7 to build interest with potential employees
  2. Potential employees are engaged from a very early stage
  3. Be ahead the competition – with a stronger story
  4. Stories and content can be shared by current employees, which instils a sense of pride

What to know more about employer/employee branding?

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Implementing Your Employer Brand

In the digital world of recruitment potential employees will research their potential employers and expect to see information and stories. If there aren’t any, it can sometimes turn people off and away to those firms that they can find out more information about. More is better.

Often employer branding falls in the cracks between the responsibility of HR and the responsibility of marketing. That’s why many firms get it wrong in the implementation of their employer brand.

Practical Tips for Employer Branding

  1. Ask your best people to share their story with you – just simple questions that we mentioned above, based around – what do they value most about working there?
  2. Start off small – doesn’t have to be Hollywood blockbuster stuff. Simple PDFs, FAQs then build up to video, video is the one medium, that can bring a story to life, as it’s personal and people to people.
  3. Share as often as possible with possible new staff members – this is throughout the hiring process, from start to finish, tell and sell the story.
  4. Keep updating it – keeping it fresh, we help keep the stories relevant for future members of your team.


As legal professionals navigate the evolving expectations of future talent, cultivating a strong EVP and employer brand is paramount. By harnessing the power of storytelling and authentic communication, your firm can attract, engage, and retain top legal talent in a competitive market. Start shaping your compelling narrative today to build a workplace of choice for tomorrow’s legal leaders.


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